Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wait for the Rain ~ Book Review

Title : Wait for the Rain
Author: Maria Murnane
Pages : 272
About Author-
Maria Murnane is the bestselling author of Cassidy Lane , Katwalk ,Perfect on Paper, It's a Waverly Life, Honey on Your Mind and Chocolate for Two.
I received a copy of  'Wait for the Rain' for the review purpose. Today I finished last chapter of the book and sharing my view here.

This is a story of Daphne White , lady who will be turning forty in a few days. As you all know, most of us especially ladies are in quest for the fountain of youth.  We celebrate our birthdays but after certain age we panic with each birthday. Same happened with Daphne White, she dreaded accepting the fact that she is turning forty. She divorced 2-3 years back, her husband is getting remarried; her daughter is occupied in her own world . She is a stay-at-home mom who regrets her decision of sacrificing her job for the sake of her family.

Then enters KC and Skylar, Daphne's friends. All of them plan a trip to Caribbean island to celebrate their reunion. Author has very beautifully portrayed beach and island scenes. She has explained scenes in such a real and vivid manner, that I want to go to some nice beach for vacations, want to rent a beach home , and want to drink mango sangrias and smoothies.

I really liked some sayings in the book like -
'Forty is the new black', 
'Power naps are the fountain of youth'  (page 146)  ,
'Don't waste time fussing over things that don't mean squat.'(page 236)

I really enjoyed reading this book, characters are so lifelike that you can relate with them. KC's passion for fitness, Skylar's workaholic nature, Daphne's feelings as s stay-at-home mom ; you can easily relate with these characters.

I liked Maria's style of writing. Maria's style of writing coupled with her lifelike characters has made this book completely different.

Wait for the Rain is available on Amazon .

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