Saturday, June 20, 2015

CacheAlaska Air Vent Phone Mount Review

If you don't use GPS device and rely on your smartphone for navigation, then you may find this post as useful. I have GPS but hardly use it, I'm a smartphone person and use phone for navigation purpose mostly.

 I have seen different types of phone mounts or phone holders for car. I had one dashboard holder which worked fine during winters, but it was not able to stick to the dashboard with increase in outside temperature. I was looking for some phone mount  that never fall out from the dashboard.

I got an air phone mount from CacheAlaska for review purpose. I've been using this mount for 2-3 weeks and it's been working fine. It is a very small mount , practically as small as a hair clip. It is 5.5 cm in size and can be stretched till 7.5 cm. I have nexus phone and it fitted well in this mount. This mount is really easy to use, just press/fit it against the air vent and then you can stretch it and fit phone in it. It stays quite close and you can easily operate the phone while driving. I normally use it when I use phone for navigation purpose. 

This mount securely holds my phone and phone never fell in case of high speed or road bumps. I can easily operate my phone when it is on mount and can also charge it at the same time. This is available at CacheAlaska's website and currently costs $9.97.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Samepage Review

Samepage is an online social collaboration and sharing website where people can share their projects, ideas and content online by creating pages. This is a new website created with an idea to coordinate personal and professional activities using pages.  As the name suggests 'Everyone is on the same page' using these pages. You can use this website for personal or group activities say planning a weekend or planning a hiking trip to professional activity say project plan.

I signed up and created an account on Samepage for review purpose. I created two pages for testing purpose, I named first page as 'Books I loved most' and second page as 'Weekend Plan'.

Here on Samepage, you can add images, tables, lists, maps, videos , text etc. to the page. If you connect account with social media say Facebook, then you can share the pages with your friends. They can comment on your pages.

Here in this page, I added Image of the book which I recently read, added some comments.

I also used the list feature by creating list highlighting some of my favorite books. Also, I created some task by giving a book name which I am planning to read by this month end. Added link to the book name, which takes me to the summary page of the book.

I created second page named 'Weekend Plan'. In this page I created tasks like Grocery shopping list, hair cut, cleaning tasks etc. You can use this page as a to-do list tool, as it shows tasks as overdue if these are not marked as completed by due date.
I added Atlantic City Map to my weekend plan page, as I planned to go to Atlantic City . Also, added image of cookies, which I planned to bake on Sunday. Also, included list of ingredients which I needed for making cookies.

In short, I captured everything on the same page like tasks, lists, images, maps. I also shared this page with friends and they liked it.

I mostly used Samepage for personal tasks, you can also use this tool for professional usage say you can upload a presentation or excel to the page and add minutes of meetings to the same page. This page can be easily shared with colleagues and they can comment on the same.

Samepage allows you to create groups, you can easily switch view from personal to group view. Group dashboard will show all the pages belonging to that Group, you can check your pages under your dashboard.

In short, I liked the Samepage website. I would suggest some changes like enhancing table features, table gave me really hard time when I wanted to delete a row. Also, there is always scope of improvement, I believe future versions of Samepage will provide more features to its users.

You can try Samepage free by creating account at Samepage.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Review

My first experience with memory foam material was when I bought a memory foam mattress few years back. I was amazed to see that huge mattress was shipped in a small box, good thing about memory foam material is that you can fold it and then it takes the original shape when it is unopened.

I recently reviewed Memory Foam pillow from Xtreme Comforts. Like memory foam mattress, this pillow came in a small box. Box was heavy and this pillow was rolled in a bundle. When I removed the plastic sheet from this rolled bundle then after few minutes it became huge pillow.

This pillow is heavy and is very comfortable. I've been using this pillow since 2-3 weeks and it always stays in shape. It has uniform density and is firm. I have lots of pillows in my home and most of these have gone flat with couple of months usage. When pillows goes flat, it neither looks good nor it serves the purpose.
Xtreme Comforts pillow is very thick and heavy. Whenever I take support on this, it comforts my back and neck. It is neither too soft nor too hard, and has perfect firmness.  This is also machine washable, but I have not washed it yet. This pillow has bamboo cover, but I put a pillow cover on top of that. It keeps my pillow clean and I can match it with bed sheets.
If you are looking for a comfortable and thick pillow which stays in shape, then you should try this pillow. In case if you are not comfortable using thick pillows then it might not work for you.

1. Very comfortable.
2. Always stays in shape.
3. Never goes flat.

1. Bit expensive, Queen size pillow costs $49.99

Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam pillow is available on Amazon.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush Set #Review

I'm not a professional painter , but I do paint sometimes. It is quite fun, and I really enjoy coloring. Few days back, I started a canvas painting with pencil colors, yeah sounds different as we don't use pencil colors on canvas, but it worked great with water trick. I love experimenting and when it comes to canvas, beauty is you paint anything and then if colors are bold then you can hang that piece of art in your living room ( call it as modern art ). You don't have to be an expert , just passionate.

When I first saw Artist Paint Brush set from Santa Fe, I kinda fell in love with this. It was looking like a professional set and I never thought that I would be reviewing this set.
This set includes 15 long wooden paint brushes, and a black zipper storage case. Brushes are 12 inch in size and have polished handles.
It has brushes in all possible sizes and shapes i.e size range from 000-12 and shapes like round , flat, wide etc.

For working on a canvas, normally brushes with long handles are used. These brushes have long handles, you can easily paint your canvas from a distance using these.  Also these brushes have synthetic hair bristles, which is considered good for acrylic paints.  These brushes can be used with oil, acrylic, watercolor etc. 

I really loved painting with these brushes. I used these to paint canvas with colorful circles. I'm just a beginner and that you can easily figure out from my painting. I didn't pay much attention to the details, just painted canvas with water colors and enjoyed the whole painting process. I liked the quality of these brushes.

In a nutshell, I would highly recommend this brush set from Santa Fe. If you are a beginner or an artist, you should try it. Santa Fe Art Supply Artist Brush set is available on Amazon and costs $35.19.

Disclaimer- I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Regenepure Biotin Conditioner Review

I noticed that my hair gets dry and rough in winters. Wind, rain, snow all contribute in seizing the beauty of hair. Due to this, I have to regularly condition and moisturize my hair and scalp.
(Image credits- Regenepure)
I don't change my shampoo normally, but have tried atleast 2-3 different conditions in past few months. Recently I got a chance to try and review conditioner from Regenepure.

I have not heard about brand Regenepure before, later came to know that they sell lots of skin and beauty products. I got this conditioner delivered from Amazon , you might be familiar with their packing style. It was very well packaged to avoid any damage.

This contains Biotin, Tea Tree Oil, Jojoba Oil etc. If you are not familiar with Biotin, then it is a water soluble B- vitamin , it is necessary for cell growth and often recommended as a  dietary supplement for strengthening hair and nails. Tea tree oil is always recommended for skin. I have tea tree oil and it works like a charm on acne and other skin issues.

As per company, this conditioner is Paraben and sulfates free. Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics which might cause skin irritations and allergies. I'm not listing all the ingredients here as the list is long.

I've been using this conditioner since 2-3 weeks, I noticed that it conditions hair well. It moisturizes hair and scalp. It is basically a volumizing conditioner. I used to have severe dandruff, not sure how it worked but It has decreased amount of dandruff.  I normally apply this to wet hair and keep it for 10-15 minutes, then I rinse it . It makes my hair silky and shiny. Also, now after hair wash , I've to spent little time in untangling my hair. I've not noticed any additional hair fall or any other skin issues after usage of this.

It has Peppermint and gives nice fragrance. It is bit expensive i.e $25 for 244 ml , but it works well.  Regenepure Biotin Conditioner is available on Amazon.

Disclaimer- I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.