Thursday, May 14, 2015

Smart Weigh- Black Digital Food Scale- Review

I recently got a Digital Food Scale from Smart Weigh for review purpose. This scale can be used to weigh food items in grams, oz, ml , cups etc. Though it's a kitchen scale, you can use it to weigh  any other small items like medicines as well.
(image credits- Smart Weigh)

This scale is very light in weight, small and looks stylish. I kept it on my kitchen counter top and use it frequently to weigh food while making new dishes. Most recipes demand measurements say take 20 gms of ingredient A, 50 gms of ingredient B. With this scale, I can get accurate readings in grams. 

I tested this to measure water,  milk, medicines,  apple, bay leaves box and much more. This is very simple to operate, just put 4 AAA batteries and it's ready to use. It has 2 settings, 'Tare' and 'Mode' . If you want to measure glass of water, then first put empty glass. When it shows some weight, then press Tare to set it to zero. Then pour water in the glass, and it will give reading for the water. It gave accurate readings when I tested like this.

I measured food items ranging from 20 gm to 2 lbs and it gave quite accurate readings every time. Tare button if pressed for 2 seconds , switches off the scale. Tare function sounded bit confusing initially, but after 2-3 times I was comfortable with its use.
Bay Leaves box shows 56 gm, and scale 110 gm ( including leaves and box).

It can be used to measure in oz, gm, cups etc. It can measure up to 11 lb/ 5 Kg.  In a nutshell, I am quite impressed with this scale. You would really enjoy it and find it useful if you try new recipes and measure a lot in kitchen.

Smart Weight is available on Amazon and costs $19.99 currently.

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