Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ozeri's Curva Artisan Double Wall Glasses Review

Have you ever heard about double wall glasses? I recently got a chance to review stylish double wall glasses from Ozeri.I have tried some other products from Ozeri in past and always had very satisfying experience.
(Image credits- Ozeri)
You must be thinking what is so special about these glasses. I also thought same before using these.These are very light in weight and very stylish. When I lifted these glasses in my hands, my first thought was are these made of plastic. These are borosilicate glasses and carved into double layer. This Curva Artisan glasses set comes with 4 glasses, each designed with different double wall pattern.
(Image credits- Ozeri)
Another feature which makes this glass outstanding is it's unique feature to handle both hot and cold beverages. It's double wall design helps in keeping hot or cold beverages in internal glass and outside layer helps in keeping hands cool even with hottest drinks.

I personally tested these glasses by pouring hot milk straight from microwave. This glass showed no temperature differences from outside. I was really amazed by its double glass wall feature.Then I poured some cold beverages like juice from freeze and still glass showed no difference in temperature. If you are using these glasses for serving hot liquids say coffee, tea ; please ensure to tell your guest about the hot drink. Else, your guests can burn their tongue and mouth by hot drinks as they won't be able to sense the hotness by touching glasses.
Images showing hot chocolate milk and juice-

In short, these glasses are small, light in weight, very stylish and have awesome utility. I really liked this concept and would recommend these glasses to everyone. Colored beverages look really good in these glasses as double wall and unique patterns give different appearance to beverages.

I couldn't find any thing which can be suggested for further improvement, this product is best. Just be careful when serving hot beverages in glasses especially in case of children or guests. Inform others when you are serving any hot drinks in these glasses, else they can burn themselves.

Ozeri's Curva Artisan Double Wall Glasses are available on Amazon and costs around $23.16 currently. These are bit expensive than normal regularly priced glasses which comes within $10, but I believe this is the price for quality. 

Disclaimer- I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.  

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