Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Forpow Bed Light Strip Light Kit Dual Motion Sensor Activated Review

Normally what we do when we wake up in the night for going to the bathroom or we get some phone call. Our first action is to turn on the lights. We just blindly move our hands towards the light on our nightstand and sometimes that results in dropping of the book which is lying on it or spilling of water.

I am so excited that I no longer have to blindly search any light switches in the night as I now have a new cool product setup in my room which automatically turns on based on my motion. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it is.
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Let me introduce you to this cool product, I recently set up a LED light Kit which is having motion sensors from Forpow in my bedroom. This kit comes with 2 motion sensors, 2 LED lights strips, and few other accessories. 

The idea behind this product is that sensors detect your motion which can be your movement in the room or even if you just move your arm in front of the detector. Let's say my room light is turned off and now at 3 AM I have to go to the bathroom.  Now, instead of finding light switches in the night and turning room light which can also wake up my hubby; this motion activated sensor will automatically turn LED lights on my side of the bed and I can just go and finish my business and then when I will be in bed then lights will automatically switch off. How cool is this?
I know, really cool and easy. 

 Kit has a pair of motion sensors and LED strips so both sides of bed can be covered and you and your partner both can control the movement of lights. I also liked the controlling switches which both sensors can be attached to, this gives me control to adjust the brightness of light.

This kit comes with various 3M hooks and LED strips with  3M adhesive layer too so you can easily stick it on the bed surface.  I liked the fact that LED strips are pretty good in length, good enough to cover the whole bedside lengthwise.

Regarding setup and installation, when I opened the kit it sounded little complex as there were so many pieces and it sounded like a Jigsaw puzzle. But, then when I started the setup looking at the installation manual, it was not that difficult. When you setup this, first try a test connection before fixing the strips and removing adhesive strips. This really simplifies the installation process, and you can adjust later as and when needed. Currently, I did a very different kind of setup by hanging LED lights on my bed headboards like some decorative lights and placed sensor in the middle. This works perfectly fine for me. You can play with LED strips and place light and sensors as you like. The suggested approach is to stick LED lights to the bed. Installation took around 15-20 mins. These LED light detectors work only in the dark so please make sure to test the setup by turning off your room lights. I did this mistake and realized when detector didn't work when I initially setup and then it worked when I switched off room lights. 

In a nutshell, I liked the concept and idea behind these motion activated bed lights. I am impressed with Forpow Bed Night Lights and would recommend these. Only suggestion is to make installation guide bit simpler, like the first step of changing detector time is very unclear. 

Forpow Bed Light Strip Light Kit with Dual Motion Sensors is available on Amazon and currently, costs $59.99.

Disclaimer- I received no monetary compensation for this post. I got one or more products for review purpose for free or at discounted prices.Opinions expressed are 100% of my own and not influenced by anyone.I am in no way liable for any injuries that may result because of use or misuse of the product. If you are buying this product, please make sure to check directions of usage, ingredients, and side-effects if any on website page

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