Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Mini Heat Bag Sealers Review

Have you ever seen mini staplers for sealing bags. I came to know recently about mini heat bag sealers which look like staplers and can seal plastic bags.
I decided to review this product when I saw pics of mini sealers, I was bit surprised that how these will work. Also, I always face issue of keeping snacks fresh once I open packet. I either keep open packets in zip locks or in plastic boxes. I decided to give these sealers a try.

These came in pair, no cells or batteries were provided. Each sealer needs 2 batteries. I didn't like the fact that no manual or instructions were provided with these. I had some hard time initially to figure out how these sealers will work. I didn't notice any lock and just tried to use like stapler after putting batteries. Then when it didn't work then did some google search and came to know that first you have to unlock it then use it like stapler or press this against bag to be sealed. I captured some pics to show how I sealed bag of pecans.

.It was really a fun exercise but when it started working I liked it. I tried sealing every possible snacks packet present in my home at that point of time.

This seals bags in a nice manner, it works on normal snack bags like cookies packs or chips packs. I also tried using it on thin plastic bags like one in which bread or bagels come. If bags are delicate then you need to be careful else it can tear the bag.

In short, this is a little handy product which you can keep in kitchen cabinet and can use it to seal daily use snack bags or any other similar item. I am using it since 2 weeks and have not noticed any issues so far. Mini Heat Bag sealers are available on Amazon and currently cost $9.97 for 2 sealers.

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