Sunday, September 14, 2014

Petunia Skincare Needles Derma Roller and Eye Serum Review

Recently I got skin care products from company named Petunia. I received a needles Derma Roller and an Eye Serum to try and share my honest opinion.

1.00mm 540 Needles Derma Roller

Derma Roller

Derma RollerWhen I first saw pictures on Derma Roller on net, it looked like a big massage roller. When I first received it and opened the packet, I came to know that it's not a massage roller and it's bit smaller in size than what I thought initially. It came in a cute plastic case and this roller has large number of micro needles and exact count is 540.

I had never pierced my skin with needles or taken any Acupuncture treatment before for skin care. This is the first time I tried rolling needles on my skin. At first I was bit frightened as it's not one or two but rolling 540 needles on my skin. First I rolled it over my legs, and to be honest it did hurt a little. My skin turned bit red and I sensed lot of tingling sensation like some insect bite. I immediately applied some lotion. This lasted for about 5 mins and after that I couldn't feel any tingling sensation.

Derma Roller

Main idea behind rolling these needles is to enhance blood circulation and make skin glow.It creates some pores in skin and then skin care products can easily penetrate into skin. As per product description , it's usage can help in reducing scars and wrinkles and it helps in getting firm skin. 

It's having size as almost 3/4th size of tooth brush . It's very small and you can easily roll it over your skin. For getting full benefit , you need to roll it in proper directions and for 10 times each. My skin is really sensitive and I can't roll it for 10 times.I start getting little pain after 3-4 rotations only. It turns my skin red as it aims to puncture skin. Then I apply normal facial moisturizer and after 5 minutes or so my skin turns back to normal. I have used this roller for 4-5 times and for once in a week. It's hard to say how much actual improvement I could notice in my skin. 

In short, If you love Acupuncture treatment or if you want needles treatment at home then this tool can be really helpful. If your skin is very sensitive and you can't handle needles then this is not a good product for you. This product is available on Amazon and costs $17.97 currently.

Petunia Skincare Revitalize Eye Serum With Sea Kelp

Petunia Eye Serum

I also tried Petunia's Revitalize Eye Serum. Eye Serum is bit thick in consistency and bit sticky. I apply this serum before going to sleep. It aims to reduce fine lines, dark circles and more. It comes in a small bottle having about 15 ml quantity.

I observed that whenever I apply this serum it makes my skin feel tighter. I feel my skin firm around eyes. You only need to apply very little amount of it. It spreads well and you can easily massage it around eyes. 
Petunia Eye Serum

I liked this eye serum. Only change I would suggest is change in it's packaging. Sometimes it's hard to take little amount of serum and larger amount oozes on your hands.

This product is available on Amazon and costs around $32.97 .

Disclaimer-I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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