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Microwavable Shoulder Heating Pad from BioMed DB Design ~Say No to pain

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"BioMed DB Design is dedicated to promote healthy living through innovative products. Sunshine Pillow is one of our creations that reflect many users’ requests and feedback.We are the specialists in customizing personal healthcare devices, such as neck pillows,heating pads etc."

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I experience neck and shoulder pains often. It is mostly because of wrong posture and for sitting long hours in front of laptop .I have an age old hot water bottle, which I use to get relief from these nagging pains.
Recently I got a chance to review a Microwavable Heating Pad from company known as BioMed DB Design. I have never heard about microwavable heating pads before. I have used electric heating pads and hot water bottles in past. I got a large size microwavable pad designed especially for shoulder and upper neck portions. In order to give you idea about its size, I took a photo of this heating pad by keeping it at the top of my washing machine.

This heating pad is wide and large enough to cover shoulders and upper neck. It is designed in a manner that it stays on shoulders even if you sit or walk. It contains 7 cups of flaxseed inside it which does heat retention. Its weight is almost 2 lb.
It is very comfortable and easy to use. Just fold and keep it in microwave. Manual suggests 1.5-2 minutes of heating time. But, I usually microwave it for around 3 minutes.

What I liked most:
  • Design- This heating pad is designed in such a manner that it stays on shoulder.When I use my traditional hot water bottle, then only way is to lie on bed and keep that at particular position. But this shoulder heating pad is awesome. Right now I am writing this post and this heating pad is covering my shoulders.
  • Easy to use:  Just put the heating pad in microwave and get hot pad in 2-3 minutes.
  • Portable: You can take this heating pad to office. If your workplace has microwave then you can relax your muscles sitting at your office chair.
  • Safe : No risk of hot water or electric shocks.
Outer side of heating pad is covered with washable fleece material. Its heat lasts for 20-30 minutes. I am using it almost daily and really liked this product. Initially I felt this as a bit heavy, but then in a couple of days I got used to it

It can also be used for cold therapy by keeping it in freezer for sometime. I have not tried cold therapy yet.

In a nutshell, I would recommend this product as it is very comfortable and easy to use and works effectively. It costs $48.00. BioMed DB Design deals in variety of neck travel pillows and heating pads. 
Buy online : Microwavable Heating Pad.
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Disclaimer- I received no monetary compensation for this post. I got one product for purpose of doing review.Opinions expressed are 100% of my own and not influenced by anyone. If you are buying this product, please make sure to check all details on company's website.


  1. Eyelastin is very effective, I used it and got benefit

  2. My father has shoulder pain for many months. I think this device can help him. I am going to purchase it and hope he will recover soon by it.


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