Sunday, January 13, 2013

Holiday VoxBox '12 By Influenster - Review

I got Holiday VoxBox from Influenster for review purpose.For those who are new to Influenster, its a site which gives opportunity to its members to review new products.

Holiday VoxBox Contents:
  • Goody QuikStyle™ Hair Brush
  • Quaker's Real Medleys Oatmeal
  • Kiss Nail Dress
  • NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine
  • EBoost
Goody QuikStyle™ Hair Brush :
It is designed to help dry your wet hair. It has microfiber and designed to absorb water while combing. This way you can minimize use of blow dryers on hair daily. It doesn't dry hair completely but absorbs good amount of moisture. I liked this brush.

Quaker's Real Medleys Oatmeal
I eat oats daily in breakfast. I tried Real Medleys as well. These are very simple to prepare and non messy. Good thing is that these are easy to carry. I took this to my office and ate at my desk.

Kiss Nail Dress

These nail dress are glittery and very nice. These are very easy to use. Just take nail dress of a particular size and if required cut extra with scissor and press it on your nail. Filer is also given, which can be used for filing extra nail dress. 
To be honest, my nails are very short and I am very bad in maintaining these. I have bad habit of cutting my nails, so Kiss Nail Dresses are not looking good on my nails.  Somehow I managed to take a pic of my ugly thumb :-)

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine

I got NYC Liquid lipshine in color of my choice. Its very nice and gives shine to lips. 

Eboost is a dietary supplement. I just poured packet content in water and water turned pink. Its not tasty and I didn't liked it for 1-2 sips. But it is refreshing. I am writing this post at 1.13 AM because of Eboost only. I was feeling tired, then thought to try Eboost. And now, I am feeling energetic. I think after this I can write 1-2 more posts :-)

Disclaimer- I received no monetary compensation for this post. I got one or more products for review purpose from Influenster.Opinions expressed are 100% of my own and not influenced by anyone.I am in no way liable for any injuries that may result because of  use or misuse of product. If you are buying this product, please make sure to check directions of usage, ingredients and side-effects if any on website page. Any claims about material or data taken is from website.


  1. I've heard a lot about voxbox! Looks like a cool thing to try out.


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