Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jewelery Candles Guest Giveaway -Ends 10/20(Worldwide)

Freebies in Mailbox is promoting this wonderful giveaway with its readers. Enter here to win awesome candles.
Jewelry Candles and Wonderful Things In Life are sponsoring this giveaway.
We would like to thank all the bloggers who are also helping us to promote this giveaway. This giveaway will end this coming October 20 so you still have plenty of time to join. The giveaway is open worldwide so wherever you are then you can join. Good luck and fill up the rafflecopter below. Thank you.
a Rafflecopter giveaway  
 Disclaimer: Freebies in Mailbox has not received any compensation for this post. We are just promoting this giveaway and are not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not reliable to replace the item once it is received by the post office or any shipping company.


  1. I just love surprises. Havent had one in a long time.

  2. Who doesnt? I dont remember the last time I have a surprise come my way lol

  3. Freebies in Mailbox referred me.

  4. I don't like surprises very often ... seldom, in fact.

  5. I love surprises (good surprises, that is!)

  6. yes but I never get them

  7. I love surprises... Long as they are good ones lol


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