Sunday, August 5, 2012

Scentsy wax Warmer (with 3 scentsy bars)Giveaway-(US only)Ends 8/21

Welcome to the Scentsy Giveaway

If you love fragrance in house and looking for wax warmer, then enter to win Scentsy Warmer. This review and giveaway is done by Couponing With Integrity and Giveaway Gator/
A friend that sells Scentsy was so kind as to give two Scentsy warmers so we decided to give one of them away to our readers. Here is a picture of the Scentsy warmer we are giving away
Come enter the scentsy giveaway
This giveaway is brought to you by Couponing With Integrity and Giveaway Gator
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When we first got the Scentsy warmers I was skeptical of how effective they were going to be. Just how much of a scent does melted wax give off? Well to my surprise our house soon filled with delicious smell of baked cookies. We were using the Sugar Cookie scented wax. The most surprising of all was how long the smell filled our house for. Remember air fresheners in spray cans; The type you keep in the bathroom? Yea, well they last 5 minutes. Ideal for masking the smells Dad or Hubby leaves in the bathroom but that is about it. Scented candles are not bad, they tend to last a while but you have to worry about the open flame especially if there are kids in the house and snuffing a scented candle results in your house instantly smelling like burnt tires from the smoldering wick. With scented warmers like the Scentsy warmers you will enjoy the intended aroma for hours even days while never having to worry about a flame because the Scentsy warmers work with the heat generated from a light bulb. Want to turn the warmer off to conserve the scented wax for tomorrow? Simply flick the off switch. Overall the warmers are hands down the best way to fill your house with delightful scents.
About this giveaway:
  • This giveaway runs from 12.01 AM EST. on the 6th of Augusts and ends at 12.01 Am EST. on the 21st of August.
  • Must be a US resident in the lower 48 states to be to eligible to win (because of shipping)
  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • This giveaway is null and void where prohibited by law
  • One winner will receive the full size Ohana Scentsy Warmer and three Scentsy bars, Sugar Cookie, Clean Breeze and Red Candy Apple. (featured in image above)
If you are interested in purchasing Scentsy products please contact us and we will provide you with the Scentsy representative's information.
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This giveaway is not sponsored by or affiliated with Scentsy. The blog owners at Couponing With Integrity will ship the prize to the winner


  1. Fresh cut grass smell! Some people really like that scent! Alicia Som amsstar5 (at) yahoo (d0t) com

  2. Warm coconut and limes mmmmm

  3. a scent i would love to see is Chocolate Banana!

  4. Smores! Or Rocky Road, something marshmellowy and chocolate.
    Also, I can not get the twitter follow page to load for some reason :(((

    1. Hi Jen, I checked and I am able to open twitter follow page. I used Mozilla firefox.

  5. Chocolate & cinnamon maybe....

  6. Strawberry and vanilla for a strawberries and cream scent

  7. The smell of snow in the winter!!

  8. melissa montes-lopezAugust 17, 2012 at 12:12 AM

    bananas with milk :)

  9. I think chocolate covered cherries would smell amazing


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