Friday, July 6, 2012

Is Ovaltine for Kids ??

Is Ovaltine for Kids ??

I love requesting free samples and freebies. Recently I got Ovaltine Free sample packs ( along with 1$ off coupon)in my mailbox.Most of the companies send free samples with coupons. That is why I love ordering so many freebies. Who doesn't want coupons ...
Ovaltine is a Nestle product and it makes milk chocolaty .

I thought to gave it a try and just dipped 1 sample pack in a glass of cold milk. It was so yummy and chocolaty, that I loved this product.
Then I took my 1$ coupon and searched stores for getting this.I bought it from Giant store . I had to pay 2$ along with coupon.
I am loving it , but still wondering if Ovaltine is for kids...Am I consuming kids stuff ..LOL
Ovaltine website  also shows a lil girl drinking her Ovaltine drink :)

PS:- I have shared my views about a product. I am not compensated for this anyways.

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