Sunday, December 29, 2013

Book Review- The Brandful Workforce: How Employees Can Make, Not Break Your Brand

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Brandful-Workforce-by-Julia-GometzTitle : The Brandful Workforce
Author: Julia Gometz
Pages : 184

  About  Author:  
Julia Gometz is a former Wall Street mediator and human resources executive at JetBue Airways. She has collaborated with colleagues at Fortune 500 companies, government entities , and non profit organizations. Gometz is multilingual and an accomplished international speaker. She recently founded The Brandful® Workforce, a company that provides expertise to organizations on how a workforce can work “for” the brand, rather than “against” it. 

A Brandful Workforce is a workforce that works FOR your brand, not against it. This book is a practical “How-to” guide for organizations who genuinely want an authentic brand, both inside and out. Companies need to engage more than their customers in evolving their brands. The workforce is the missing link to, not just -successful branding – but success period.
Even if you have a brandful workforce, this book can show how to keep it that way. In addition, find out how to attract brandful employees and how you and your employees can become brandful. It’s a win-win for everyone.

I liked the title of this book - The Brandful Workforce. We talk about brands, wear branded clothes and are very brand conscious, but we normally ignore the importance of work force.

Author has explained and shared her real life corporate experiences in this book. She has explained how employees can help in making a brand and how can you hire employees who can promote your brands.

I really liked her style of writing. She has shared real life examples to explain brands and workforce concepts.I could connect with her examples like Trader Joe's Business Model. Why customers are attracted towards variety of products available in stores. I always had that feeling but never tried to understand the business model behind it. Author has explained their business model very well. I also liked chapter #5 on swags. Swags help employees in promoting a brand. I personally like collecting swags like pens, notepads, coffee mugs with  company name or logo on them. Swag helps in making company name a household name. Author's examples of Oreo Erasers and UPS toy trucks shows her detailed study and research about marketing strategies of different companies.

She shared her personal experiences of working with JetBlue Airways. Julia's style of writing coupled with her real life examples has made this book completely different. I really enjoyed reading this book. I came to know about business models of many companies. I would recommend this book to both employees and employers.

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