Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Your Two Sense Worth~ Daily Thoughts Subscription Service Review

"Isn't it time you resume control of your life and take advantage of the power of the mind?   Begin now receiving 365 (1 a day for a year) inspiring, motivational and thought provoking quotes designed to do just that.YOUR 2 SENSE WORTH IS  a collection of original insights meant to  sometimes motivate other times stimulate thought to help improve the quality of your life."

Your Two Sense Worth is a subscription service for positive,motivational and inspiring original thoughts.I love reading thoughts and quotes. I have hobby of thoughts collection and I maintain a diary that has all varieties of quotes.

(Credits: Your Two Sense Worth)
I recently got chance to get their thoughts in email. They send a daily email to subscribers which consists of an original thought. Till date I have received so many thoughts, out of which I would like to share some personal favorites:

"Nothing is “good” “bad” “ugly” “pretty” etc. until you label it so. Choose your labels wisely because they clearly identify who you are."

"The amount of “patience” one develops and the degree of “wisdom” one possesses is directly related. Fortunately, unlike chocolate, having more of it is often very healthy."

"Don’t ever let..... Remembering what you did, get in the way of.... Doing what you must."

Each thought has a deep meaning and is quite motivational. These thoughts are really good for spiritual and personal growth. In daily life we always need some source of motivation, some positivity.  Your Two Sense Worth is truly a good source of daily inspiration.I have noted all these precious thoughts in my diary.
Daniel Padgug is the man behind this inspirational thoughts service.You can also subscribe this life changing service by paying 2 cents a day($7.30 for a year).
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Disclaimer- I received no monetary compensation for this post. I got some thoughts in email for review purpose.Opinions expressed are 100% of my own and not influenced by anyone.If you are buying this product, please make sure to check all details about this on their website page. Any claims about material or data taken is from website.

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